I started to collect twisty puzzles in August 2007. Here you can see what came out of this.

1. Collection

My collection of puzzles contains 192 different items. They are arranged in some ordered way, mainly based by the turning axis (face-turning cube, edge-turning tetrahedron, etc.).

2. System of twisty puzzles that have shape of platonic solids.

This system is based on turning axis AND number of cuts. There are pictures and descriptions of all possible single cut tetrahedrons, cubes and octahedrons, also some of the most common dodecahedrons and icosahedrons. Puzzles with multiple cuts (e.g. 5x5x5 and higher order cubes) are represented by these puzzle types that have been physically built.

3. Solutions to all puzzles

I have not started this section yet. In the future I may add here visual guides for solving different twisty puzzles. Meanwhile you can look up solutions for twisty puzzles at Jaap's Puzzle page.
In principle I would like to count what is the minimum number of algorithms needed to solve ALL single cut platonic solids.

Last updated 10.07.2014.