Maido Remm - collection of twisty puzzles

This page shows all the twisty puzzles that I currently have (192 items). They have been classified here by their inner mechanism, specifically by the number and direction of turning axes. For example, you will find separate subclasses for face-turning cubes (6 turnable axes), corner-turning cubes (8 turnable axes) and edge-turning cubes (12 turnable axes).

Because the classification is based on the internal mechanism you will find some non-cubic puzzles under cubes (if they have 6 axes of movements), some cubes under face-turning octahedrons (if they have 8 axes of movements) and so on. These exceptions are called shape variations. They are classified together because the solution (how to restore the solved state) is similar for all puzzles that have the same number of axes, no matter how they look from outside.

Shape variations of face-turning cubes are shown as separate sub-subclass; for other types of puzzles the shape variations are shown together with their basic form.

If you want to read more about systematics of twisty puzzles then visit my puzzle systematics page.


Face/Corner turning tetrahedrons (4 turnable faces)

Stickered Pyraminx Tiled Pyraminx Jing's Tetrahedron crazy_tetrahedron.jpg Master Tetrahedron Master Pyraminx Curvy Pyraminx master_pyraminx_mefferts.jpg professor_pyraminx.jpg geared_pyraminx.jpg Tetraminx

Edge turning tetrahedrons (6 turnable edges)

Keychain Pyramorphix Meffert's Pyramorphix pyrastar.jpg Mastermorphix master_pyramorphinx.jpg


Face turning cubes (6 turnable faces)

Regular cubes

Rubik's 2x2x2 cube Pocket 2x2x2 cube Eastsheen 2x2x2 cube White 2x2x2 cube White 2x2x2 V-cube Rubik's 3x3x3 cube Cube4you 3x3x3 cube White 3x3x3 cube White 3x3x3 V-cube 3x3x3_gu_hong.jpg micro_3x3x3_lanlan.jpg Eastsheen 4x4x4 cube White Eastsheen 4x4x4 cube White 4x4x4 V-cube Rubik's 5x5x5 cube Eastsheen 5x5x5 cube White Verdes 5x5x5 cube White Verdes 6x6x6 cube White Verdes 7x7x7 cube White Verdes 8x8x8 cube Black ShengShou 8x8x8 cube Black ShengShou 9x9x9 cube Black 11x11x11 cube

Fully functional cuboids

2x2x1 FF cuboid 2x2x3 FF cuboid 2x2x4 FF cuboid 2x2x6 FF cuboid 2x3x4 FF cuboid 3x3x1 FF cuboid 3x3x1 FF cuboid 3x3x1 FF cuboid 3x3x2 FF cuboid 3x3x2 FF cuboid 3x3x2 FF cuboid 3x3x4 FF cuboid 3x3x5 FF cuboid 3x3x5_cube.jpg 3x3x6 FF cuboid 3x3x9_cube.jpg 3x4x4 FF cuboid 3x4x5 FF cuboid 4x4x5 FF cuboid 4x4x6 FF cuboid 5x5x4 FF cuboid

Extended cuboids

2x2x3 EX cuboid 2x2x4 EX cuboid 3x3x2 EX cuboid 3x3x4 EX cuboid 3x3x5 EX cuboid

Bandaged and fused cubes

3x3x3 evil twin siamese C111 triamese C111 siamese C122 siamese C113 siamese C123 siamese_C222.jpg Fused C222 4x4x4 evil twin triamese C112 triamese C113 bandaged cube mefferts gear_cube

Circle cubes

circle 3x3x2 Super 3x3x3 cube circle 4x4x4 type I circle 4x4x4 type II cheeseblock_cube.jpg

Cut angle variations of face turning cubes

bump cube windmill cube fishers_cube_mefferts.jpg fishers_cube_custom.jpg axis_cube.jpg

Shape variations of face turning cubes

void cube rubiks ball house cube crystal cube half-truncated cube octagonal barrel cube rhombic_dodecahedron_factory.jpg rhombic_dodecahedron_custom.jpg truncated cube diamond cube box_cube.jpg wheels_of_wisdom.jpg

Sticker variations of face turning cubes

Sheperd's 3x3x3 Sheperd's 4x4x4 Sheperd's 5x5x5 Rubenking 3x3x3 Rubenking 4x4x4 Rubenking 5x5x5 Pochmann 3x3x3 Pochmann 4x4x4 Pochmann 5x5x5 Maze cube 4C_cube 9C_cube calendar cube flag cube 2x2x2_domino_cube pepsi_cube.jpg beer_cube.jpg maqs_cube.jpg

Corner turning cubes (8 turnable corners)

Skewb family (deep cut corner-turning cubes)

Skewb Skewb Ultimate skewb_rhombic_dodecahedron.jpg Skewb Egg Golden cube

Single cut corner turning cubes

master_skewb.jpg master_skewb_lanlan.jpg Rex cube Dino cube Rainbow cube

Multiple cut corner turning cubes

lattice_cube_okamoto.jpg dino_skewb.jpg compy_skewb.jpg mosaic_cube.jpg superX.jpg

Family pictures

single_cut_CT_cubes.jpg multi_cut_CT_cubes.jpg

Edge turning cubes (12 turnable edges)

heli_cube.jpg Curvy copter dayan_gem_I.jpg


Face turning octahedrons (8 turnable faces)

Skewb diamond Face turning octahedron Octex master_FTO.jpg

Corner turning octahedrons (6 turnable corners)

Diamond pyradiamond.jpg Trajber's octahedron trajbers_octahedron_chinese.jpg trajbers_octahedronW.jpg 4x4x4_trajbers_octahedron.jpg Magic octahedron magic_octahedron_dajan.jpg

Edge turning octahedrons (12 turnable edges)



Face turning dodecahedrons (12 turnable faces)

mini_penultimate.jpg master_penultimate.jpg starminx.jpg curvy_starminx_mf8.jpg Pyraminx Crystal White Pyraminx Crystal Meffert's Megaminx Void Megaminx Chinese Megaminx Dayan Megaminx Gigaminx Teraminx flowerminx.jpg Impossiball Alexander's star circle_megaminx.jpg megaminx_ball.jpg

Corner turning dodecahedrons (20 turnable corners)

dino_dodecahedron_mf8.jpg rex_dodecahedron.jpg pentagram_vergo.jpg

Edge turning dodecahedrons (30 turnable edges)



Face turning icosahedrons (20 turnable faces)


Corner turning icosahedrons (12 turnable corners)

Icosaminx 5 color Dogic 10 color Dogic 12 color Dogic

Edge turning icosahedrons (30 turnable edges)

Face+Corner turning icosahedrons / Truncated Icosahedrons (32 turnable axes)


Pucks, prisms and barrels

Deep cut prisms and barrels

UFO rubiks_cheese.jpg Rainbow puck Black Square-1 White Square-1 Cube 21 Square-2 Tri-1 Masterball Super Square-1 2-layer rainbow prism 4-layer rainbow prism 4-layer 6-color star prism 4-layer 12-color star prism

Shallow cut prisms and barrels

Junior Barrel Pentagonal Prism
Last updated 10.07.2014