Skewb family

Skewb is a corner turning cube.
It is a deep cut cube - there is a single cut between each pair of opposite corners that cuts the cube into equal parts.
The skewb family is quite large, there are multitude of shape-shifting modifications of skewb. All variants that I have have produced by Meffert's. The Egg and Golden Cube were designed by Tony Fisher and produced in collaboration with Meffert's.

Skewb Core

The core inside the skewb and inside of all these shape variants is a 4 armed spider core.
Skewb_core skewb_half_assembled.jpg
The same core is used inside Mefferts Pyraminx, Tetraminx, Jing's tetrahedron and Skewb Diamond.


skewb1 skewb2

Skewb Ultimate

skewb_ultimate1 skewb_ultimate2

Meffert's Egg

egg1 egg2 egg3

Golden Cube

Golden cube is a wicked cube. In solved state you can turn it around one axis only. You can see on the picture below that the pieces of the Golden cube don't line up:
Thus you need to solve it to a weird, non-cubic position ant then make the final 90 degree turn.
This is almost solved state, just one turn is missing.
This is already two turns away from cube state. You can see that lower part has also been twisted.